Visual tools and Training courses

“Runwiththeword” not only provides “Visual Teaching Tools” but also offers a “Visual Tools School Course” in which teaching and demonstrations are provided on how to present the Salvation Message and other Biblical truths through the help of different visual tools.

These tools are particularly helpful when teaching in countries where there are language barriers, or a high level of illiteracy. The Gospel is a simple message and communicating with simplicity is vital.

During a “Visual Tools School” at least 10 different teaching aids are presented. Many focus on the central Gospel message, and others help illustrate important kingdom truths. In particular, this school has been one of the courses run within the curriculum of the “New life Bible Training school” in Kathmandu for the last 5 years, which specifically offers training to people from the remote regions of the Himalayas.It is great fun teaching this school and the participants are encouraged to practise using the tools effectively in different ways during class presentations.

It is always a rich and challenging time spent together and amidst much laughter and mutual encouragement, the participants learn to overcome their shyness and use the tools effectively.

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