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Despite an effort to salvage the industry with the creation this summer of a healthy tourism certification program, designed to ensure that travel and hospitality sectors met the government’s health and hygiene requirements, arrivals were down by 86 percent in July, compared to the same period in 2019. Since reopening its borders to international tourists in June, Turkey has not required testing or quarantine upon arrival. COVID-19: impact breakdown by country Confirmed cases include recoveries. Which kinds of measures are taken in order to protect social distance in common areas? The hand sanitizer machines are made available for our guest at various points at the terminal entrance, security and check-in points, passenger waiting lounges, food- beverage courts, aircraft boarding gates and following routes throughout the terminal. Is PCR testing also available for guests who do not have a flight? are served in disposable packaging. All playgrounds at İGA Lounge are temporarily closed to protect the health and safety of children. Foreign passengers who test positive for COVID-19 on landing flights will be referred to a private hospital by the Ministry of Health – Border Health Unit, whereas Turkish passengers will be referred to a state hospital. All personnel working at İGA Lounge wear single-use masks, gloves and visors while working. How can non-Turkish passengers get to their results if they do not have an e-Government password? It is paid attention that the children are under supervision of the adult. Many international tourists visiting Istanbul over the weekend were from Russia and the Middle East, but Europeans and Americans were also among the crowds. The floors of passenger buses operated by ground handling services are marked with social distancing tape for safe passenger transport from the aircraft to the terminal and vice versa. The passengers are settled to the aircraft without exceeding occupancy rate in accordance with social distance rule under Coronavirus precautions. A temperature check with thermal cameras is applied to all passengers and personnel at the İGA Lounge entrance. Conditions for entry of persons into Seychelles . Turkey claims to have one of Europe's lowest Covid-19 mortality rates. In order to prevent risks for municipal water, the chlorine ratio has been increased. Most museums, including the Topkapi and Dolmabahce palaces, stayed open for tourists over the weekend, and some restaurants in the old city of Sultanahmet secretly opened doors for visitors willing to eat inside. The country’s tourism sector is poised to shrink by 70 percent this year, bringing in 15 million visitors and more than $11 billion in revenue, a steep drop from the 45 million visitors and $35 billion in revenue in 2019, according to statistics from the Ministry of Culture and Tourism. Single-use prayer rugs are available for passengers in the masjid at İGA Lounge. ISTANBUL -- Turkey reopened its economy on Monday, with many restaurants and cafes back in business. Bagrta and Denis Kalachinov, visitors from Moscow, took in the view from the Galata Tower. The occupancy rate on all vehicles is reduced by 50%. A roadmap to transform tourism needs to address five priority areas: All food served in food courts is served to passengers in single-use packaging. Passengers are advised to use contactless methods for Sleepod rental payments. All service points are disinfected at regular intervals. Die Ausbreitung von COVID-19 führt weiterhin zu Einschränkungen im internationalen Luft- und Reiseverkehr und Beeinträchtigungen des öffentlichen Lebens.. The ventilation frequencies throughout the terminal have been increased, the fresh air cycle has been maximized. All of our personnel receive hygiene and sanitation trainings. Passengers must wear a mask both in the terminal and on board. The city’s strict weekend curfew doesn’t apply to foreign visitors, who are free to roam the city, even as Turkey’s Covid-19 cases spike. Hence, only a limited number of persons will be allowed to enter the stores, depending on the size of each store. The use of testers for open tasting product group at food & beverage and shopping areas and the products such as makeup and skin care has been cancelled. The İGA Hygiene Team is on duty 24/7 to ensure that passengers follow social distancing rules. What steps need be taken with the barcode number given to passengers by the testing center? For boarding process, the contactless process is made available for our guest by providing scanning of boarding card by themselves and the plexiglass barrier have been placed to the boarding kiosks. This is at the sole discretion of the airline company. Which kinds of measures are taken at the airport entrance for the departing passenger? La COVID-19 est ‘la’ crise globale de notre époque et le plus grand défi auquel nous ayons été confrontés depuis la Seconde Guerre mondiale. Home » Covid-19 Tourism Guidelines. UNWTO emphasizes the need for responsibility, safety and security as restrictions on travel are lifted. “I think COVID-19 will end up being a wake-up call for governments in Africa that tourism is such a crucial part of the economy,” says Swaniker. All vehicles are disinfected at regular intervals depending on the frequency of passenger contact with surfaces and the number of services. Hand sanitizers are available in all areas open to passengers from the moment they enter the terminal building. Newspapers and magazines are handed over to passengers only on request. All luggage passing through X-rays is sanitized with UV (ultraviolet) light. The İGA Lounge reception desk is protected with a plexiglass covering. The elevators, escalators-travellators and all closed areas are disinfected periodically, the passenger bridges are disinfected after each flight and the electrical vehicles, trolley, wheelchairs and all kinds of wheeled vehicles are disinfected after each use. All gates throughout the terminal have been become to sensor, automatic openable/closable gates. “We’ll see if this effort to stay open for tourism will help bring more people in. Where can I throw away of material waste such as masks and gloves in the airport? For the buggy service inside of the terminal, the separators have been placed between seats. All seating areas have been rearranged according to social distancing rules. The terminal is supplied with fresh air 24/7. The filter cleaning operations at air conditioning plants are made with the products preventing organism formation and the maintenance period has been decrease from 6 months to 3 months. available in common spaces are put into use in accordance with social distancing rules. JAPAN has decided to suspend its domestic tourism subsidy programme during the New Year holidays as Covid-19 cases surge in the country. How early should I get to the airport? In order to prevent affecting adversely from capacity decrease, the public transport trips are organized according to the flight timetable. Passengers can maintain social distance from other passengers and ensure safe access to their airplane by paying attention to this tape. And sign up for our weekly Travel Dispatch newsletter to receive expert tips on traveling smarter and inspiration for your next vacation. As instructed by the Turkish Ministry of Health, testing is applied only to departing passengers upon presentation of their flight ticket and passport. All storage spaces are disinfected after each use to protect passengers’ health. All passenger luggage is taken inside after sterilization at the entrance. Hotels also offered indoor and outdoor dining for visitors. have been made available for guests. Queuing at all service points is arranged in accordance with social distancing rules. Reconsider travel to Turkey due to COVID-19. “This year has been a complete write-off, especially for Istanbul,” said Cuneyt Uygur, a Turkish tour guide based in the city. For many developed and developing countries, the tourism sector is a major source of employment, government revenue and foreign exchange earnings. The tourism sector is committed to putting people and their wellbeing first. Will the hand sanitizers be available in the airport? The Embassy of Canada in Ankara and the Consulate General of Canada in Istanbul will continue to advise on new viable options for commercial flights to Canada and other developments within Turkey. No products are sold in the open display areas of restaurants or cafes. Photographer: YASIN AKGUL/AFP . The Organization also reiterates the need for credible commitment to support tourism as a pillar for recovery. Do I have to pay in cash or by credit card? “We’ve got to just be brave and live as normal as we can,” she added, as a group of tourists lined up behind her to take selfies in front the Ortakoy mosque. The passengers should submit their health information to the relevant airlines. Covid-19 Measures taken at Istanbul Airport, Common measures are taken at all service points, COVID-19 Measures for İGA Meet & Greet VIP (General Aviation). “It is amazing to see all the exhibitions without any crowds. In accordance with the social distance rule, the warning images have been placed before security checkpoints at tailing zone. Our top priority, as always, is the health and well-being of our guests, employees and community. All cabins are disinfected after each use. Cups, napkins and spices are single use. While some Turks welcomed the two-tier curfew system, saying it was good for the economy, others felt it was inappropriate for tourists to be gallivanting around the city while locals bear the brunt of a grueling second wave of the virus. Service utensils such as cutlery and food products provided at tables such as spices, ketchup, mayonnaise, sugar, etc. “At first it was a bit boring here because bars and restaurants are closed, but now we have found some places close to our hotel that let us come inside, even though it looks closed outside,” Mr. Kalachinov said. The body temperature of all passengers accessing the General Aviation Terminal is checked with a thermometer. Basically, we are giving them the green light to spread the virus.”. Follow New York Times Travel on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Buffet service has been discontinued in all food courts. The majority of tourists currently visiting the city are young and adventurous, Mr. Uygur said, expressing concern that they might get restless with so many of the city’s attractions closed off. Turkey has stood out from the rest of Europe by not ordering a legal lockdown. Our citizens can get the information they need from the mentioned public institutions by phone or the internet; or call the Ministry of Health Hotline (184). Our guests departing from international lines are followed up with thermal cameras by the Ministry of Health-Border Health Unit, in case of need; our guests are subjected to COVID-19 test. Our guests are observed by health units in accordance with the social distance rule along the terminal entrance starting from the parking lot, in case of need, they are subjected to COVID-19 test. COVID-19 is offering important lessons to all nations about the vital role tourism has in the future of the continent, he says. The COVID-19 disease has killed more than 11,300 in Turkey. Which kinds of measures are taken by airlines? The return-to-work examinations of our personnel who will go back to work after leave/report are made, our personnel diagnosed as possible case and positive COVID after examination are referred to the hospital. “You almost expect to get punished for traveling these days with all the shaming and ever-changing restrictions, but here we are with exclusive access to one of the most beautiful and enchanting cities of the world,” said Erin Lockhart, a 32-year-old British musician, as she played her guitar against the backdrop of the glistening Bosporus that stood as still as a pond in the absence of regular boat traffic. Only passengers and persons whose accompaniment is essential are granted access to the terminal. Tourism Leadership Vacancies. A man photographs Istanbul’s historic skyline from an almost empty passenger ferry. Exercise increased caution when traveling to Turkey due to terrorism and arbitrary detentions. İGA Hygiene team reminds hygiene and social distance rules to our guests. COVID-19 AND TRANSFORMING TOURISM 3 least developed countries (LDCs) and many African nations is of concern. All the museums, sports facilities, pools and cultural centers operating under the municipality would close their doors from Nov. 19, the Istanbul municipality announced in a written statement. Hence there is no need for these passengers to get tested. The passenger without mask are not taken to the terminal, our guests who don’t accept to use mask are not accepted to the terminal building and aircraft. Tourists had the Harem section of the Topkapi Palace to themselves, save for the guards. Turkey’s decision to enter into a full nationwide lockdown at the weekend was in response to a rapid surge in infections and to a record number of deaths, which more than doubled in less than three weeks. Seats on Buggy shuttle service vehicles are arranged in accordance with social distancing rules. There is no need to have an account on e-Pulse app to view the results. The video content includes general information about the virus, how the virus spreads, its symptoms and what to do if these symptoms occur, virus protection methods, travel history, and how to most effectively wash hands. FILE PHOTO: A man walks along the deserted Istiklal Street during a two-day curfew amid the spread of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19), in Istanbul, Turkey, May 31, 2020. In an unprecedented blow to the tourism sector, the COVID-19 pandemic has cut international tourist arrivals in the first quarter of 2020 to a fraction of what they were a year ago. There are disposal bins where passengers can dispose of their used masks, gloves and other personal hygiene products. Health screening and temperature checks are carried out at airports and anybody found to have COVID-19 symptoms is taken to a medical facility for testing. Drivers and passengers are required to wear a mask or visor while traveling. The disposable materials have been placed in order to prevent contacting with a finger to the kiosk and touch screens. PCR tests at the airport’s testing center take between 2 and 4 hours in average. Turkey claims to have one of Europe's lowest Covid-19 mortality rates. They, like the other tourists encountered on the city’s streets over the weekend, hadn’t known before they arrived that they would be free to wander the city. You may be trying to access this site from a secured browser on the server. “It’s not your average holiday, but it’s cool to just be able to roam about a city with so few people in it and sit in the sunshine with a beer and a snack,” said Mandy Miller, a 26-year-old student from London, who traveled to Turkey for a week with her boyfriend without telling her family and friends. Residents of Turkey’s liveliest and most populous city were ordered to stay at home this past weekend as part of a strict curfew, issued by the government last week to curb a dangerous resurgence of the coronavirus. Does the airport have pos machines that I can make contactless payment? Can arriving passengers also get tested if they wish to do so? “Life is too short to stay at home for another year,” said Ana Nicolas, a 53-year-old Spanish tourist, who was visiting from Madrid, which is under a nationwide curfew and state of emergency scheduled to last until early May 2021. The body temperature of all passengers is checked by thermal camera screening at the terminal entrance. The country’s tourism sector is … Outside a cafe, a man dressed in a sultan costume tried to lure patrons with the promise of fresh pastries and socially distant indoor seating. Deserted Venice contemplates a future without tourist hordes after Covid-19 Northern Italy became one of the first European regions to feel the brunt of Covid-19 in late February. Read the entire Travel Advisory. Tables, chairs, etc. The publication, which is among the most prestigious in the global tourism sector, picked Istanbul Airport for its ‘Special Achievement Award’. The measures have been taken with plexiglass barrier application at areas such as check-in counter, passport, tax office, exchange offices, information desks, commercial areas, boarding gates, boarding counters, ATM’s, food and beverage courts etc. COVID-19 RECOVERY. The Turkish government is, as a result, rapidly easing restrictions. All passengers traveling to Germany from Istanbul Airport are required to show a negative PCR test result obtained within the last 48 hours. have been increased. The entrance area of İGA Lounge is marked with social distancing strips to provide guidance for passengers. In Istanbul, the municipality decided to install hand sanitizers at stations of metrobuses. Across Europe, a strict new set of lockdown measures has emptied the streets of cities like Rome, Paris and London, where hordes of tourists usually crowd the streets. Personal distance and isolation at payment points are ensured by shields placed between passengers and payment assistants. Passengers are not allowed in the front seats of taxis. By the end of the first quarter of 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic had brought international travel to an abrupt halt and significantly impacted the tourism industry. Whilst COVD 19 has not gone away, the world is opening up again to travellers. The COVID-19 pandemic is having damaging and long-lasting impacts on tourism. Restaurants and shops were closed, but tourists had Istanbul’s streets almost to themselves. The aircrafts, surfaces of the aircrafts and all kinds of tools, equipment and goods in the aircrafts are cleaned with water and detergent at least every 8 hours during a day and at the end of the day when the planes are not in use. taken at the aircraft door. COVID-19 Measures in the Terminal Area Passengers must wear a mask both in the terminal and on board. Test results can be viewed on e-Pulse app by entering this barcode and your Turkish ID number. Hourly swab testing is applied to all cooking and service staff working at the lounge.

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