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Du n’importe quoi mettez un prix fixe que les clients sachent ou ils vont avec leur budget ?! Points négatifs : "Beaucoup de retard au départ de Dublin", Points négatifs : "Very slow to board, had to walk across tarmac, thin plastic seats that don't recline", Points positifs : "Counter agent was excellent, friendly and professional, she even helped us get our carry-on properly assigned to go on the plane when the Nazi-like fellow, Ali, at the terminal insisted that unless it fit in that grossly undersized test frame the airlines like to use, we would have to pay an additional 35€, to get it checked. Mais l’affichage de la porte était erroné, et un d’attente debout avant de pouvoir embarquer. But they didn't, we just carried them on and there was plenty of room. ", Points positifs : "Bigger plane, which was better." I also liked the frequency of rubbish collection. ", Points positifs : "The whole experience was without issue - I arrived at the airport 2 hrs and 15 min before my flight, I checked in with the automated kiosk, received my luggage lablel, proceeded to the bag drop, placed my bag on the belt, the machine scanned my bag and check in was complete - all done in 6 minutes." ", Points négatifs : "The flight was 5 hours late and the company did not give us any information about when the flight would take off and what the problem was. Paris Charles-de-Gaulle - Palerme Palermo (Punta Raisi) est l’itinéraire le plus populaire. It was hot, stuffy and families with small children and pram/, pushchairs were left balanced on the steps. We payed then she said nothing and angrily told us to speak to customer services and get out of the que as there were more other ppl in line. Points négatifs : "Customs clearance que was ridiculous, a massive line that was slow moving. J’arrive donc en avance à El Prat, pour m’entendre dire que je dois régler 55€ en CB afin de pouvoir procéder à l’enregistrement. Informations. Nous vous fournissons la liste des liaisons en direct … ", Points négatifs : "My itinerary gave a 10:35am departure and the plane departed at 10:05am. Ryanair sells same services for cheaper price, so I thought it was overpriced. Au cours des 72 dernières heures, le billet d’avion le moins cher pour Sicile depuis la France coûtait 8 € pour un aller simple et 44 € pour un aller-retour. Learn your job as flight attendant! ", Points négatifs : "Charged full fight fee, don't ask customers pay over size luggage penalty minutes before departure", Points négatifs : "High baggage and other fees that are not publicized. ", Points positifs : "Agent de bord très gentil" Some people had quite a few. No entertainment onboard, not even a magazine. I told them I wanted to cancel my earlier flight and preferred a refund instead. Points négatifs : "Seats do not recline and there is not a lot of legroom, especially if you are over 180 cm. At 9:30, the Volotea attendant came back and said we were late and missed boarding and it would cost another 180 euro to get on the plane!! Points négatifs : "See diatribe above. £90 one way from Kiev to Luton it’s a bit too much", Points négatifs : "Lost luggage. vol direct paris/palerme - forum Sicile - Besoin d'infos sur Sicile ? Sachant que le pays de destination est la France. She could use her common sense and be more understanding as I told her the zip in my bigger bag wouldn't close. Laissez-nous vous aider à trouver l’itinéraire parfait. ", Points négatifs : "Better updates required both before and during the flight The food service took so long to get through the cabin that the middle seats did not get served warm food and very nearly didn't even get the chance to buy crisps or drinks They ran out of many of the foods on the menu", Points positifs : "Speech from the pilot. Points négatifs : "Les 2 steward qui fessaient plus de bruit que le moteur pendant plus de 2 heures, un grand momemt de théâtre !!! Went to their desk and no one was there. C'est vraiment agréable." Recherchez sur des centaines de sites et trouvez des vols pour Sicile. Mais franchement je n’ai rien à signaler de négatif. Boarding took forever long long queues at Lisbon but security was surprisingly fast. ", Points positifs : "Boarding, take off, landing & early arrival into Agadir" It goes without saying I will never use this airline again and will be strongly recommending other airlines to friends and family. Points négatifs : "You literally can’t bring any baggage on the flight even thought they say you’re okay to bring a personal item and a carry-on. Transavia France, easyJet et Ryanair proposent le plus de vols depuis la France pour Sicile. Met all my expectations. In a nutshell, overpriced, and didn't get the seats on our boarding passes...", Points négatifs : "Plane delayed for 2 hours. She said very rudely. Aéroport de Palerme (Palerme, Italie) Actuellement, 22 compagnies aériennes sont présentes à Aéroport de Palerme. So, that's our story. Nothing remarkable good or bad. Points négatifs : "I was charged $45 US dollars to print my boarding pass!!! I had to then pay for two tickets on Aegean Airline totalling $400.00", Points positifs : "Excellent price and route. Points négatifs : "Rien à redire. And to top it off with their extremely rude service I had to go wait in a miserable line at the most in organized airport I have ever been in to pay this outrageous extra $100 complete scam and worst airline ever!!! Sur place! Posez vos questions et parcourez les 3 200 000 messages actuellement en ligne. Points négatifs : "Delays are always an issue", Points positifs : "les sièges sont vraiment confortable par rapport à d'autres compagnies le pilote nous a indiqué l'itinéraire de vol et les villes survolées" Vol Paris – Palerme. ", Points négatifs : "Flight was delayed ridiculously and were not informed of what time it was delayed to until shortly before departure. Une fois le problème levé, l'enregistrement n'est plus possible car Transavia a envoyé le vol laissant tout les passagers restant sur le carreau. Very dissapointed. Si vous cherchez l'ensemble des vols directs entre Strasbourg et Palerme, vous obtiendrez toutes les précisions ici. Veuillez vérifier les conditions sur le site de réservation. A replacement plane should have been supplied after a one hour delay, not 7 hours. Points négatifs : "Tarifs en fonction des vacances scolaires. ", Points positifs : "I liked that we were not late and that the late coming priority guests were told to pay attention next time. Our lovely counter agent came to our aid and spoke sense to Ali with a verbal slap about the head-free entertainment-, helping to put some semblance of joy into the experience that is flying Ryanair. Will go to British Airways or raynair. Lorsque le groupe est arrivé, on nous annonce que suite au retard de l’avion pour décoller, il a perdu sa place dans le trafic", Points positifs : "Embarquement rapide" On m'a aussi dit que mon vol serait retardé le temps de régler ce problème alors qu'il a décollé à l'heure, sans que je puisse le prendre. Beaucoup trop d'attente pour les bagages. Dernier vol du soir = vol retardé. Good price for a glass of wine and pac of dry fruit." Seats are uncomfortable", Points positifs : "I didn't like anything about it, it was a horrible experience and I will never suggest this airline." Blague à part le boulot demande quelques instant de sérieux de tant à autre...", Points positifs : "Repas très correct" Thankfully there was a seat for me! Points négatifs : "L équipage et l'organisation avant l'embarquement", Points négatifs : "This airport is wayyyyyy too far from Paris, Kaylan was misleading in suggesting this airport. ", Points positifs : "Retard deux fois de suite en une semaine", Points positifs : "Quoiqu'il arrive, le personnel cherche à être le plus ponctuel possible et affiche une bonne humeur de tous les instants. Very basic but ok for a short flight" Points négatifs : "WILL NEVER FLY WITH THIS AIRLINE AGAIN, staff is rude and poorly trained in the customer service department, hidden fees/ 50 euros to CHECK IN!!! ", Points positifs : "Nothing much." ", Points négatifs : "Transavia delayed 1:30h the flight. Le climat de la Sicile … Deuxième ville de Sicile après Palerme, Catane est une ville portuaire datant de l’Antiquité, inscrite au patrimoine mondial de l’UNESCO depuis 2002. Bording we have to wait almost an hour and then all the people have to wait for the bus in a very Small place(like animals) then at the bus... waiting in a full one untill someone says ok to ride..", Points négatifs : "not charge me for carry on luggage", Points positifs : "fare" Points négatifs : "Norwegian nickle and dimes everything seats, foods, luggage entertainment non existent", Points positifs : "Confort .ponctuel" Delayed over an hour. ", Points négatifs : "Unconfortable sears. Now that I am trying to seek compensation via EU guidelines they are similarly evasive and not helpful. Transavia France a supprimé ses frais de modification et d’annulation pour les vols pour Sicile. Points négatifs : "Unable to understand tanoi messages - mumbling & too fast. Réservez un vol pour Catane, votre point de départ pour visiter la Sicile orientale. ", Points positifs : "We landed" Decent price Nice crew Left a little late but still managed to arrive 15 minutes early on a one hour flight." ", Points positifs : "They changed the flight schedule and i asked them for refund and i did not get my money back", Points positifs : "Everything was fine" En dépit de nos demandes d’augmenration de la température en cabine et d’avoir au moins une couverture la température a été maintenue froide. There was no supervisor to talk to and no where to file complaints. Les nouveaux sièges sont bien moins confortables que les précédents, totalement pensé pour être extrement fins et légers afin de dépenser le moins de kérosène possible", Points négatifs : "tout faire pour faire payer le passager des suppléments, c est pathétique, surtout quand cela retarde l'embarquement (enregistrer les bagages au contrôle ralenti tout le monde), le personnel n adhère pas à la politique commerciale, et les clients sont agacés par cela. They told me that I was slowed one checked baggage and one cabin baggage that would be charged about €40 if it was over 30 kilos (which it was not). Poor customer service. ", Points positifs : "Aller chercher les PMR (Personnes à Mobilité Réduite) au parking" ", Points positifs : "Le personnel correct. Points négatifs : "Extremely small and uncomfortable seats even for a small person. We had already paid for this flight and had checked in baggage and paid separately for the two bags and she told us there were no Ryan air flights for our destination. You have 2 groups but board them all at the same time well let's say start to board by having us wait outside for 20 minutes in 90 plus heat. ", Points positifs : "Le personnel" ", Points positifs : "On était à l'heure." Points négatifs : "Seats very hard and uncomfortable. Les notes se basent sur les avis des utilisateurs KAYAK, Points positifs : "Price" Vol sans retard" Passagers. Points négatifs : "les horaires comme à l'aller n'ont pas été respectées je ne reprendrais plus cette compagnie trop de retard", Points positifs : "Seats and plane looked a little bit run-down definitely on the lower budget of airline brands. Points négatifs : "Compensation", Points positifs : "Friendly crew and good service" It was a 2/3rds full flight, so no squabbles over baggage." If we want a water after heat stroke it's 2.50", Points négatifs : "I booked an afternoon flight on Volta. Nothing free aboard, no entertainment, the seats were uncomfortable too. Points négatifs : "The plane was delayed 3 hours so booked another flight with another airline", Points positifs : "The only positive aspect of last night's flight was the helpful, friendly crew." We queued along a corridor down a stair case and into the gate itself. Les voyageurs souhaitant visiter la Sardaigne, la Sicile, les Pouilles ou la Calabre doivent s'enregistrer sur leurs sites Internet avant leur arrivée et se conformer à la réglementation relative aux voyages. ", Points négatifs : "I had priority and my partner who did not was on plane first! Un vol direct depuis la France pour Sicile dure en moyenne 11h 02min, parcourant une distance de 1336 km. Les vols sont très efficaces pour un prix très abordable. They wouldn't let us check in early, they scammed us into paying $30 each to print out ticket. 3 days since and still no luggage.And they don't have a customer service phone number that I can call. KAYAK parcourt des centaines de sites et vous aide à dénicher un billet pas cher et à trouver le vol qu’il vous faut. Mais ce n’est pas la faute de Ryanair mais du constructeur Boeing. We asked if she could make an exception due to our issues with transportation or if she was able to help us rebook a flight and she said no. I still don’t know the reason why the flight was delayed because it . Points négatifs : "Le confort des sièges. I travelled from London to Warsaw without any problem and they made a problem on my way back.! ", Points positifs : "Staff were friendly." Points négatifs : "I pay for easyJet Plus and it should mean my bag comes up first, but it was one of the last. Programme de vol … "You paid for 1 bag, you will have to pay. ", Points positifs : "Ponctualité, amabilité. ", Points positifs : "Nothing. Points négatifs : "No free drinking water", Points positifs : "Staff were kind entertaining and friendly" Points négatifs : "Extra charge (30 Euros) for printing a boarding pass. Points négatifs : "Pas pu choisir mon siege", Points positifs : "We departed on time It was cheap to check a bag", Points positifs : "Pas grand chose" Tried calling. Selon les recherches de vols KAYAK, la destination la plus populaire est Palerme (51% du total des recherches pour Sicile). Crazy! ", Points négatifs : "Not even water is offered to people", Points positifs : "le personnel pro" They changed our seats, because they 2 people previous to us were too elder to seat at emergency exit. Points négatifs : "Flight crew was not happy and they didn't even pretend to be. I felt unbearably sick but couldn't bring myself to get out of my seat. Points négatifs : "Everything", Points positifs : "Is a case of what didn’t I like. Les autres destinations les plus populaires sont Catane (35%) et Trapani (6%).Les recherches de vols pour Comiso (5%), pour Pantelleria (5%) et pour Lampedusa (5%) sont aussi populaires. Points négatifs : "The seats werent the best and my seat didnt have a window. ", Points positifs : "Crew was very nice and professional." Flight was a about 2 hours late. Points négatifs : "The plane left a half hour late. Points négatifs : "Both flights were Delaid. Points négatifs : "Site internet difficile à comprendre, j’aurais payé à l’avance les frais de bagages en soute. ", Points positifs : "L’équipage était agréable, possibilité de changer de siège, arrivée rapide à Madrid." Avant de réserver votre vol Paris - Catane, songez à vérifier que votre passeport ou votre carte d’identité sont encore en cours de validité. C’est inacceptable et honteux de votre part! This is done in the corridor on route to gate. Priority boarding a waste of time and money. Seats were not comfortable at all and mine even had a huge tear in it so it just bugged my back side the entire flight. Vols directs au départ de Aéroport de Palerme vers 26 villes. Elle est située sur les flancs de … Points négatifs : "des prises USB dans l'appareil serait un plus", Points positifs : "Tout s'est déroulé de manière fluide, l'avion n'était ni en avance ni en retard pour une fois." Le prix affiché pour chaque vol correspondra au prix moyen par passager, y compris les enfants. ", Points positifs : "Boarding was like any other boarding, it went fine, but then we had to sit on runway for about 30 minutes or so. It was ridiculous and I will NEVER fly this airline again. ", Points négatifs : "I would never fly this airline again", Points positifs : "On time" Points négatifs : "Fast track inutilisable. ", Points positifs : "Avion récent, équipage efficace. ", Points positifs : "Extra legroom seats are a godsend (but that's applicable to any airline, not just Wizzair, although they do seem to have a few more of these than other airlines - low cost or not). Please, stop this "even though you're travelling together, you may be seated separately unless you pay to choose your seats" nonsense. ", Points positifs : "The boarding was SO well organised! Points négatifs : "I only gave one star for food but I didn't buy any food so I would rather have a "not applicable" category. Points négatifs : "Uncomfortable seats, rude staff, had to pay for water, very hot on flight", Points positifs : "The crew were very nice" ", Points négatifs : "Why make you board the plane and then tell you there is a 45 minute delay", Points positifs : "Tout s'est très bien déroulé pour nous =)" ", Points négatifs : "We were stuck in the security check and immigration but got to the gate 15 minutes before the flight. ", Points négatifs : "The crew can be nicer", Points positifs : "The flight was smooth." Flight attendant did everything she could. C'est un problème inadmissible. Points négatifs : "Seating is a bit tight. The one easyjet person that we could find had no clue and all he could do was try and hurry everyone up which added to the panic and made it worse. AUTOMNE-HIVER. ", Points positifs : "Errrm...that we actually got to Palermo alive, that was nice." Points négatifs : "Je tout amaie", Points négatifs : "beaucoup de bruit au décollage. Points négatifs : "My flight was delayed which meant I was over an hour late for my connecting travel. Vols vers Catane. Points négatifs : "Seats aren't designed to let you sleep (leaning your head back gives a cricked neck as there's no cushion or proper headrest), and the seats are a little cramped. ", Points négatifs : "Etre a l'heure dans au moins un des sens", Points négatifs : "Limited seating online Made you stand in long checking line 2.50 for a cup of Nescafé", Points positifs : "Le personnel oui sympathique", Points positifs : "Départ à l'heure" Points négatifs : "Le service client est à revoir", Points positifs : "Personnel navigant accueillant, personnel au sol de bons conseils." ", Points négatifs : "Aucun confort : élocutions permanente de l'équipage au micro afin de faire de la " vente moussée" du parfum au porte-clés en passant par le ticket de loterie : aucun repos possible ... aucun confort par rapport aux autres compagnies . We tried to change them at the airport, and after being sent to 2 different ticket counters, we ended up paying an additional $420 to get the flights we needed. Friendly and worked hard throughout the flight." Une honte. ", Points positifs : "The flight was on time." Points négatifs : "L'embarquement", Points positifs : "Vol pas chèr" Points négatifs : "Flight delay but quality of service made up for it. We then had to pay 38 pounds for absolutely nothing. It was just a shake down. I will never ever use easyjet again. Tout est fait pour gonfler la facture Une véritable bétaillère : première et dernière fois !!! ", Points positifs : "Flight was on schedule" Points négatifs : "Everything. When they finally realized they could not repair the plane, they put everyone on another plane. Paris - Palerme est l’itinéraire le plus populaire avec un temps de vol moyen de 5h 00min. Vols et destinations; Accès et parkings; Informations passagers Not a big deal, but someone explaining which queue to those at the back would have been helpful", Points positifs : "Le vol s'est bien déroulé" Points négatifs : "Embarquement « prioritaire » catastrophique dans un aéroport qui frise le hangar de bétail ! Les voyageurs qui ont transité ou séjourné en Arménie, au Bahreïn, au Bangladesh, en Bosnie-Herzégovine, au Brésil, au Chili, au Koweït, en Macédoine du Nord, en Moldavie, à Oman, au Panama, au Pérou et en République Dominicaine ne sont pas admis en Italie, sauf les citoyens italiens/européens/de l'espace Schengen et les membres de leurs familles ainsi que les détenteurs d'un permis de séjour. Points négatifs : "Have to carry any carry-on luggage up the metal stairs in any weather, up to plane. No food or water provided unless paid for. Le billet d’avion aller-retour le moins cher trouvé pour cette route dans les dernières 72 heures s’élève à 98 €. La haute saison est en novembre et décembre, et janvier est le mois le moins cher pour partir pour Sicile. Points négatifs : "Extra charges. Couldn't understand why I had to pay to check in online, obviously missed that when bookrd. Destinations en vol direct Destinations en vol direct. Vols directs au départ de Aéroport de Palerme vers 11 villes; Chaque semaine, au moins 117 vols intérieurs et 3 vols … Informations précises sur les vols pas chers, de dernière minute et charter à destination de Sicile.

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