Kathmandu, Nepal

Since 2010 “runwiththeword” has worked in partnership with “The Feet Ministries” in Nepal. Pastor Krishna and his wife, Pabitra have a passion to reach out and help the desperately needy in their impoverished country. Through four children’s homes and a scholarship program, many children are receiving care and education, equipping them to be reliable, resourceful and productive citizens.

“The Little Feet Children’s Home” was created in 2013 allowing 8 more orphans to find a home. (See www.a-newdawn.org) There are also 35 church outreaches throughout Nepal and 16 house church groups linked to Pastor Krishna’s program. There are many regions in Nepal in which transportation is unknown and people are used to walking barefoot 3-10 days from one village to another. Living conditions in Nepal are also very difficult due to devastating poverty. There is gross pollution in Kathmandu and a lack of water and proper sanitation. There are power cuts each day, some lasting up to 10 hours, making daily life in the city very tedious. In the remote, poverty stricken areas of the Himalayas, the small house church groups are becoming vibrant centres meeting the social, physical and spiritual needs of hundreds of needy people. Pastor Krishna has an ardent desire to reach out to try to assist the most remote areas of Nepal, often only accessible by foot.

« Runwiththeword » has specifically assisted the « Feet » Ministries in the pioneering of a small Mission Training School initially based in Kathmandu city. Runwiththeword has helped to finance the annual running costs for these schools. These 5/6 month long Training Schools specially host impoverished Christian adults from remote areas of the Himalayas and provide them with a basic training which enables them to return to their villages to become « lighthouses for Jesus » often in very dark places. Also, included within the program are much needed teachings on gender equality, hygiene, and how to break free from the oppressive caste system (today, technically abolished, but still observed throughout Nepal. Many experience harsh persecution and rejection in their villages and from within their families when they accept Jesus. Some of these students have had little schooling.

15 schools containing 12-22 students have been successfully run since 2010. Since 2020 Training Schools have also been held in Chitwan and Gorkha.

(The 6th School was postponed in 2015 because of the 2 tragic earthquakes that hit Nepal on 12th April and 25th May 2015. This school was held in spring of 2016. Please click on ‘News‘ for further information concerning the 2015 earthquakes).2020 and 2021 Schools.

Please Click on the 2013 annual report which contains an in-depth explanation of “runwiththeword’s” specific involvement in these schools. All the Schools are run in a similar way.

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“…pray for us that the word of the Lord may run swiftly and be glorified…” (2 Thessalonians 3:1)

2023-15th Mission Tools School- Chitwan

2022-14th Mission Tools School- Gorkha

2021-13th Mission Tools School in Gorkha

2021-12th Mission Tools School, in Chitwan

2020-10th and 11th Mission Tools School, began in Kathmandu, was interrupted by Corona virus lockdowns, finished in Chwitan.

2019-  9th Mission Tools School

2018- 8th Mission Tools School- Kathmandu, showing their visual tools.

2017- Students of 7th Mission Tools School, pointing to the harvest field

2016- 6th Mission Tools School- Kathmandu
2014- 5th Mission Tools School- Kathmandu
2013- 4th Mission Tools School- Kathmandu
2012- 3rd Mission Tools School- Kathmandu
2011- 2nd Mission Tools School- Kathmandu
2010-1st Mission Tools School- Kathmandu

2010-1st Mission Tools School- Kathmandu

Nepalese map

The different coloured stickers on this map of Nepal, mark the various places from which each student has come. The 8 different colours of the stickers represent the  different groups of students that have attended the schools since 2010.  The small portion of map, attached to the middle-upper right–side, shows the country of Bhutan, and in the 2017 group, there were 3 students from Bhutan, who attended the Mission School in Nepal. The numbers 1 and 2 on this map, mark the places of the epicentres of the tragic 2015 earthquakes.