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6:11 Now Playing. Then, 6 corners further on, Vettel is questioned on the strategy, with the intention of knowing the German opinion on the possible use of the first tyres in the near future. However, Red Bull team principal Horner, who also appeared on Servus TV's Sport and Talk - Spielberg Special show, admitted it would be tough to find a way of bringing Vettel back on board. The initial Gesamtstrecke (whole course) 187-turn behemoth was completed in 1927 before being reduced to the current 160-turn Nordschleife layout we know today in 1973 after the Sudschleife (south section) was removed. Incredibly, the number 5 crosses the finish line in third position. To them, it would be a marketing stroke of genius to field a German driver in the team. Quick as a hawk the former first Ferrari driver throws himself on the prey and his majesty Lewis ends up behind. The feeling, strong, can be deduced in the little gamble used by Hamilton. Free from particular pressures, the second Red Bull driver takes about half a lap to get rid of the Ferrari driver, putting him without any difficulty at the braking of turn 7. His compounds are practically finished and Charles is almost in the Mexican's exhausts. Five kilometers ahead, beyond the rounds still to be completed, the weather is back in communication. Sebastian Vettel secured first F1 podium in over a year at Turkish GP after overtaking Charles Leclerc on final lap; Leclerc passed Sergio Perez but … Raise your hand if you haven't bet on the Dutchman's ready overtaking. Too proud of his future choice to recognize the merits of a starting driver. For this reason, Seb is asked to safeguard the tires in curve 8. And who cares about the detractors and the kilometer long line of people ready to criticize him and unable to recognize, once again, the capital performance unlined by the four times world champion. Right on the day of the maximum crowning. 3:48 Now Playing. Usual in these situations, the brake balance adjustments, added to the driver's work on the tires, occupy the turns "under" double yellow flag. The realistic goal is to catch Albon in third position. George Russell's Dramatic Mercedes Debut. Granted the use of K1, Seb is reminded to pay attention to the white line coming out. Tan-Kuan Vettel No hay mejor apodo que el del dios mitológico chino de la lluvia para Sebastian Vettel. There are things where mediocrity is intolerable and Ferrari is the example. Max's lap time, still on the extreme wet, is better than the German's for some laps already. "Regular"... an unpleasant little word that emerged from consciousness and promptly drowned in the sea of rhetoric. Sebastian Vettel believes Formula 1 can avoid potentially dangerous situations when drivers un-lap themselves during Safety Car periods by addressing a shortcoming in race control’s software. La otra visión de la Formula 1: blog de actualidad y opinión sobre el mundo de la Formula 1 | lunes, 20 de abril de 2009. Once the pit lane is open, the German driver takes to the track, checking the optimal setup for the car. Finishing wide Lewis loses the position on Albon who, lurking like a hawk for a couple of laps, easily slips into the Mercedes. Following the incident, most of Formula One's old guard sided with Vettel The confirmation comes a few curves later, when Adami invites the German to modify a parameter related to the brakes through the manettino of the multifunction, useful to bring temperature to the rear axle still not in bubble. Interesting read, and a distinctive writing style from the author. At the seventh round comes the first communication regarding the tires. Half a turn later, Lewis' silhouette appears in the mirrors of the Rossa, determined to get rid of the Ferrari driver as soon as possible. He entered Formula One in 2007 with BMW Sauber, in place of the injured Robert Kubica at the United States Grand Prix, finishing eighth to become the youngest driver to score a world championship point in Formula One. Considering the moment, Sebastian baptizes the idea of mounting an intermediate train at the next stop as a good idea. When the Ferrari management will realize the human thickness lost, it will probably grow... SF1000: the car that any driver would never want to drive. Nico Rosberg gives verdict on Sebastian Vettel-Lewis Hamilton incident during F1 Canadian GP. Source: https://www.funoanalisitecnica.com/2020/11/analisi-on-board-vettel-gp-turchia-2020-una-gara-regolare.html?refresh_ce, NB: I suggest to also check the original article (in Italian) because there are a lot of TRs of Seb which make the analysis clearer, NB2: It's long, a lot. And patience if a team principal points out most of the merits to the improvements made on the car, considering the performance "regular". Love Seb, love Italy, love Ferrari and I was glad to see him on the podium. While the German champion is about to face a couple of lapping, Adami asks the use of the multifunction to change the traction of the single-seater, useful to better manage the traction. Cookies help us deliver our Services. 1:21 Now Playing. The best independent Formula 1 community anywhere. A race like this, full of emotions from the start, could not have ended otherwise. It is necessary that the spirit of intolerance is based on very bad reasons, because it looks everywhere for the most vain pretexts. Aunque el RB5 se convierta en un gran coche, a Sebastian le costará batir al tipo del otro lado del box. Ride onboard Sebastian Vettel's Ferrari SF1000 as the four-time World Champion sets the fastest lap time on the fifth day of 2020 Winter Testing in Barcelona. He slips in the order: Giovinazzi, Raikkonen, Albon and Verstappen. Las estadísticas nunca mienten: Mark Webber es, junto a Clark y Senna, el único piloto de la historia que ha llevado la delantera a su compañero en parrilla en más de un 80% de ocasiones.Caballeroso y trabajador a partes iguales, del 'aussie' no le faltará ningún consejo a Sebastian. grazie, tutti dovrebbero leggere gli articoli di questo sito, Prego! Combining style, tactical acumen, aggressiveness and great piloting skills in the wet. Then, in order to better manage the compounds avoiding excessive wear, the German is asked to cool the compounds in a straight line going out of the trajectory. By now the trajectory is practically dry and the intermediate compounds begin to suffer. Related. The number 5 takes the pit lane, where she is supplied with a train of intermediate greens in 2.8 seconds. Sebastian does it asking a couple of info: "are you considering dry tires? He throws himself into the German's exhausts, opens the Drs and slips in his teammate making the defense vain with the K1 plus. With three laps to go, the race still seems to be open. Especially if obtained in critical condition, where human qualities make up a good slice of the percentage. Onboard with Vettel for his fastest lap of 2019 F1 Pre-Season Testing. Vettel expressed his displeasure at the action of his teammate on the on-board radio. With three laps to go, the race still seems to be open. Until the end, engineer mode on! In "window", the German finally manages to exploit the full potential of the car, gradually lowering the lap time. Charles arrives like a train. With Hamilton swinging between 3/4 seconds back there, Adami spurs the Teutonic. The Austrian team is in fact taking good advantage of the situation and, numbers in hand, has the clear intention to put the Dutchman's car on track in front of Vettel. Vettel not happy with Leclerc. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Those you necessarily have to do. The best team radio from Abu Dhabi 2020, Race Highlights: 2020 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, © 2003-2020 Formula One World Championship Limited. Put behind a couple of doubleds, the number 5 grabs the fourth position thanks to Verstappen's third stop. At that point Adami goes back to Vettel, asking what he wants to do. But the excessive heat betrays him again. Sebastian Vettel on Turkish GP F1 podium and Charles Leclerc advice skysports.com - By Matt Morlidge. Then, widening intelligently towards the outside, he squeezes in curve 1 by inserting in one shot Bottas and the two Renault, throwing himself in pursuit of Hamilton. It is undeniable. The opaque red becomes bulky in Stroll's rear view mirrors. "Netrvalo to dlouho a brzy jsem dostal svou první motokáru," svěřil se Vettel. Contrary to what was thought, the Milton Keynes team decides to go long on the first stop, delaying the change of tires on the car of the Dutchman who, at the moment, is running faster than the former Red Bull driver. Sebastian Vettel, Fernando Alonso's F1 futures: Will Renault hire one? The final radio team tells a finally happy Sebastian, author of a really amazing test. "I'm considering dry tyres. Message sent to both drivers. Super Lewis has much more rhythm but can not pass. The German takes note of the situation and asks himself about Hamilton and Perez's strategy: "Are we sure they will stop? Ride onboard Sebastian Vettel's Ferrari SF1000 as the four-time World Champion sets the fastest lap time on the fifth day of 2020 Winter Testing in Barcelona. For starters, the race is scheduled in the middle of the European leg of the Formula 1 calendar. As often happens in these cases, Sebastian enters into engineer mode by putting on a debrief with Adami, useful to consider all the aspects necessary to make the right decision. Vettel tried to make up places during the restart … Vettel has since said he is falling out of love with Formula One after the controversial result Back 40. Seb's hypothesis does not seem to convince Ferrari's technicians. A dozen or so corners later comes another adjustment made with the multifunction, useful to ensure stability to the rear. Our team of writers mull over the biggest talking points from the race, notably Sebastian Vettel… Answer: "No, we are not at all...". The call to the pits therefore comes abruptly, while the Ferrarista remains concentrated in the fight with Max Verstappen back there. Indeed Lewis and Checo have no doubts: one stop seems to be enough for them. With the car off, parked in a closed park, from the number 5 you can hear a nice curtain. However, the pit call only arrives at the next lap. The Canadian Grand Prix has been back-page news today because of Vettel’s outburst, but it also highlights one of the underlying issues F1 is wrangling with. Determined to take the path of prudence, aware of the teammate's backward position and the tactics to apply to his race. Funnily enough, I said something similar just after the race on this board, as to why Vettel would take the risk of overtaking someone, in a corner, on the cooldown lap, certainly when you're overtaking someone who is known to do weird manoeuvres now and then. Meticulous, Seb starts making a difference long before the start. Four-time Formula 1 World Champion Sebastian Vettel believes the Nordschleife layout of the Nurburgring would provide the ultimate driving challenge for the championship. The virtual safety car thus gives the marshals the opportunity to remove the car, placed in a position undoubtedly dangerous. The second stint now enters the live. Focusing on the compounds began to fill the number 5 communications. Seb is getting serious. After a reflection on what has been said, the Ferrarista asks for a stop, still wanting the intermediates with a variation to the front wing: "down two clicks". Charles goes very wide and not being able to close the trajectory opens the door wide. Seb is now in fourth position, followed like a shadow by Hamilton. The clear ideas of Sebastian however promptly flee the hypothesis, I believe that the time lost in the first laps would condition the race negatively. Nonetheless, Horner speculates Vettel’s availability may cause Racing Point to consider its option with Perez if it means it can get one of F1’s most successful racers on board. The fourth position will not last long, however. The German is motivated, for no reason frightened by the track conditions, careful but aggressive. The Spaniard is spinning really fast, closing little by little the gap with the number 5. Sebastian Vettel weighs in on F1’s Lewis Hamilton vs Michael Schumacher debate independent.co.uk - Bella Butler. The impetus still betrays Verstappen, forced to take the pit lane, guilty of having blurred the Pirelli green band compounds after the spin in curve 11. Drawing harmonious trajectories without making the slightest smear. He attacks the kerbs with a firm wrist, trying to lower the laptime as much as possible. Amusingly, Ferrari repeatedly tried to appeal what was an un-appealable penalty (in-race penalties cannot be overturned), even claiming that they had brand new evidence which proved Vettel’s innocence… which merely turned out to be Karun Chandhok’s video analysis on Sky Sports F1. He ran as he knows how. Sebastian is now between two fires. "About ten laps and the rain could come". Press J to jump to the feed. Riccardo invites the former Ferrari captain to a further consideration. Back 58, last lap. At this stage the upright compounds on the Ferrari have not yet reached the correct window of operation. Easy, the overtaking takes place at the exit of turn 10, taking advantage of the indecision that the Canadian shows in acceleration. When everything was going for the best once again, I would say, the compound change is late than it should be. https://www.funoanalisitecnica.com/2020/11/analisi-on-board-vettel-gp-turchia-2020-una-gara-regolare.html?refresh_ce. To make a stop at this point of the race would mean losing 3 positions. Throwing himself in Leclerc's slipstream, he discards on the left and forces the Ferrari driver to a braking at the entrance of the last chicane. It's a pity, however, that among these faces is hidden that of the team principal. This can be seen especially in acceleration, where Sebastian, unlike the first stint, is struggling a lot. According to the calculations of the remote garage, a duel with the young Red Bull talent could be engaged shortly. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Adami's words underline the excellent work done. Goal number 2, find the strength to attack Verstappen. The mid-race weather update defines a dry scenario for the rest of the race. Giovinazzi's Alfa Romeo Racing is forced to retire, parking its single-seater inside turn 9. Maybe more than usual. Sebastian Vettel believes that Ferrari legend Michael Schumacher is still the best Formula One driver of all time, despite Lewis Hamilton matching … Vettel, in tow, tries to maintain the rhythm of his teammate. Five kilometers later, Charles' feedback confirms that the choice to abandon the extreme wet is the correct one. In the short debrief before the race, the first citizen of Heppenheim agrees with Adami: facing the standing start in second gear is the best thing. Back to the garage, a couple of clicks on the wing and off to the track reaching the grid after checking the gearbox. At the exit of the pit lane Seb is warned of the error of Albon, who went into spin at the exit of turn 4. But all this does not matter to the German. The gentleness in managing the delivery of the accelerating engine testifies it, giving the possibility to the future Aston Martin squire to show a careful, solid defense. According to the Scotsman, if Vettel offered his services for free, the Mercedes board may take it into serious consideration. K2 on, brake balance zeroed and a lot of concentration for Seb, always engaged in the defense on Hamilton. However, the mayor of Heppenheim does not give up the shot and taking advantage of a couple of Leclerc's long shots, he tries to get closer to his teammate. In the last chat of the race the German summarizes the performance, highlighting the highlights of the race with a quick debrief. In this regard, I would add a very personal consideration. The reconnaissance lap is slow. Delicate, the moment calls for a reflection on the strategy to be adopted, after Vettel is informed about Charles' stopover. Riccardo puts the four times world champion to the knowledge of the situation, soliciting a feedback that punctually arrives. While Vettel presses the button to activate the additional lubrication of the endothermic, he is warned of Sainz's pace. Today (Sunday ed.) The track is gradually improving and Vettel confirms it on the radio, saying that the crossover to switch to intermediate compounds is getting closer. googletag.cmd.push(function() { googletag.display('div-gpt-ad-1543476726951-0'); }). P18 to victory: Sergio Perez's amazing Sakhir comeback. Vettel won 14 races for Ferrari, but just one over his final 46 races with the team. News, stories and discussion from and about the world of Formula 1. A couple of laps and the decision comes. An extreme attention, almost maniacal, emerges observing the work of Vettel, committed to transfer as much energy as possible on the portion of compound in contact with the asphalt. It is too risky. Find your thing. Precise and reasoned, the answer momentarily closes the question. Sebastian Vettel is understood to be in discussions over a deal to join the Aston Martin Formula 1 team in 2021, sources have indicated. Il Board … The British rider's pressure runs out a few laps later. And he did so by drawing on the great value that nevertheless inhabits his mind. FIA accredited journalist, Giuliano Duchessa, has suggested that there is an interesting scenario playing out at Mercedes now that Vettel is on the market. Onboard with Vettel for his fastest lap of 2019 F1 Pre-Season Testing. Sono totalmente d'accordo, F1AT è tra le migliori testate italiane che trattano di Formula 1. Vettel, in tow, tries to maintain the rhythm of his teammate. Verstappen meanwhile is near the stopover. After moving the engine brake balance one point to the rear, the green light is given to attack the RP20 number 18. The braking of turn 12 is too much even for the magnificent W11. Soon radio again. While Riccardo suggests to move the parameter of the differential at the center of the curve by one point at the front, Vettel points out the not good state of the left front, in spite of some laps trying to cool it by going to take water out of the trajectory. It's too much torture for a driver to wander around the world in a crippled Rossa. Concerned, Adami asks to manage the mixes in the best possible way in case the rain doesn't arrive, having to go through several more laps. Not even time to think about it, and the blue racing of Max's RB16 paints the German's rear-view mirrors. ... Otro paso perfecto en la impresionante escalada de Vettel durante su corta carrera en F1. Sebastian Vettel zdědil vášeň pro motorsport po svém otci, který závodil v motokárách a jízdě do vrchu. Communications intensify. And instead no. In retrospect, if Ferrari has completely "cannato" this factor in qualifying, in today's day (Sunday ed) he corrected the shot by learning from his mistakes. Seb switches to the more pushed fuel mode by throwing himself in pursuit of Leclerc, being able to use the overtake button. Sebastian, thinking about the conditions of the track in clear improvement, asks for a lower pressure to ensure that the compound is easier to reach the correct working range. ONBOARD: Sebastian Vettel's fastest time in Test 2 Day 2, 2020 Formula 2 Season: Mick Schumacher's Road to Glory, 2020 Post Season Test: Alonso, Tsunoda and Schumacher on track, Say What? By training a grumpy mechanical means, often too impetuous. For this reason a third place is worth gold. The sad epilogue of the young Monegasque man gives great joy to Vettel, who is clever in grabbing the third square. Suddenly, the turn arrives in extremis. Not a great time in agreement ... but for how it is turning in the last races I would say excellent so. Apparently the rear stand decided to make itself a protagonist by jamming and preventing the car from lowering promptly after the replacement of the tires. For the Canada penalty for Vettel though, they only toed the line drawn by the FIA – understandably so. F1 fans demand Mercedes 'announce Sebastian Vettel' as 2021 Lewis Hamilton team-mate (Image: GETTY) Discarding the intermediates, convinced that the suitable compound is the "ex wet", he verifies the load incidence at the front. Although the British seems to be able to escape easily from the clutches of the Teutonic, he commits a lightness to the braking of turn 9 going out of the limits of the track. Goal number 1, defend himself from the arrogant Hamilton back there. In this regard, the indication of the German on the pressure to be used is very interesting. The ferrarista's cap is more than evident. Renault's big decision for 2021 and the rest of F1's midfield assessed heading into the new F1 season on the latest Vodcast Yes because sitting at the wheel of a Formula One single-seater, undoubtedly one of the worst of the historic Italian team, is much more difficult than it may seem. "Jezdil jsem … First of all, the ferrarista is asked to pay particular attention in turn 4, trying to drive the stretch with greater caution to avoid excessive tire degradation. In the meantime Sainz makes a mistake by loosening the pressure on the Ferrarista, while Perez, in front, is suffering tremendously. Nevertheless, the calculations to assess this eventuality must be made. Centering the inflation pressure in today's conditions was fundamental, necessary to increase the feeling with the single-seater. But I think that it is totally worth it :). He has no intention of giving up the shot. The track is drying out but the intermediate ones are still the most suitable compounds". And moreover, "in what state was the train of intermediate tires replaced?". The race direction does not think twice "slowing down" the race. Malý Sebastian to chtěl samozřejmě také vyzkoušet a jít v otcových stopách. The Canadian Grand Prix is a bit of a maverick in the world of Formula 1. At lap 34, two stops in the bag, Sebastian occupies the position number 6. After suggesting to reset the engine brake value to zero, we go back to talking about tires. Sebastian won. While Hamilton's old foxy old man makes up for it under the German's exhausts, when the use of the Drs is finally granted by the race management, the Red Bull number 23 reflects Ferrari red in the mirrors. About ten kilometers go away in this way, until the green flag comes back to sway on the track. Sebastian Vettel is a German racing driver for the Scuderia Ferrari team who has won four Formula One world championships. Round 12 is coming true what has just been said. However, David Coulthard just cannot imagine Sebastian Vettel … F1’s official website often dissects two-sides of a controversy. Although the number 16 is able to overtake the Racing Point in acceleration after turn 10, the Mexican resists, he is exhausted and does not give up. According to the pit wall, in fact, enlarging the stint by mounting the slicks for the last part of the race could be a good option. The Australian’s move left a vacancy at Renault, but senior team manager and F1 legend, Alain Prost, ruled that Vettel lacked motivation and turned elsewhere. Adami takes note of this, while the Italian box wall is being studied on Williams, "guilty" of having mounted the green band compound before all. The Abu Dhabi Grand Prix marks the end of an era: Sebastian Vettel will be driving his last race on behalf of Ferrari.With the team, he has not been able to achieve the results he dreamed of, but will have a new chance at Aston Martin in 2021. The Canadian Grand Prix was an F1 classic which quickly turned into an F1 farce.

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